Pineapples + Ruby Lips

Tuesday means my beginning of the week for classes, as well as gathering in the park before 8:30 AM to have a meeting of the minds. Meeting of the minds in this case means a variety of things: explaining outfits of the day, quickly sharing notes, and trying to fit everything that happened over the weekend into a few minutes of chatter. And since I do go to a fashion school I snapped a few pictures today of the personal style that I get to see every day. Maybe I'll even try to make this a weekly Tuesday post so you can perhaps get some wardrobe inspiration!
Wearing my Goodwill 5 dollar American Apparel pants today, plus what outfit wouldn't be better with a hat?

Hannah with her model limbs and caffeine:
Bianca showcases her love of fruit!

Kalyani is so chic with her dreamy pastel blue and we have a Wiz Khalifa quote of the week together every Wednesday.