"Happiness is a slice of pizza"- Tumblr

One of the best part about going to school at FIDM is that it is quite literally located in downtown Los Angeles. This means that when I had to take a trip to Urban Outfitters to take notes for my retail environment class today (I don't have classes on Mondays) I could also take a little bit of a lunch time adventure. I headed to Broadway today with my fabulous New Yorker friend Bianca and we happened to find a few gems on the way. From unexpectedly yummy pizza at 2 Boots, to a cappuccino at il caffe , there's a giant amount of travel worthy spots in this city.

Next up on my "need to visit list" is Grand Central Market, as any place with good food and authentic vibes is right up my alley....*my stomach has started rumbling* but until then I will attempt to finish the immense amounts of homework I have without crumbling into a ball of stress. Here's to hoping its a good week!