Q & A with TRAPHOUSE JODECI a.k.a Ye Ali



It's been a while since I've done a music post, and it seems appropriate to do one on the night Drake drops his new album. But this isn't about Views, this is about something that you're gonna be happy you knew about first. If you remember a few months ago I did an interview with Wes Period, and now I have another amazing LA based artist who's name you should keep in your brain and playlists. 

Below is the transcript of some questions I asked Ye, and with his collab EP with Tommy Genesis and Wes coming out soon (titled none other than baby.daddi) there's no better time to start adding to your listening repertoire. After all if you don't like r&b bangers who even are you?

To those who may not know, in your own words who are you?

Ye Ali, songwriter, artist, producer

Nowadays with hip hop and rap being so diverse sonically do you feel like you fit into a specific sound or is it more you just creating whatever you feel like at the moment?

I just create what moves me. Pop, r & b, country, trap. If I can make it sound good…I will do it.



I’ve also seen you’ve been working with Tommy Genesis on her upcoming project, what’s the process of working with such a strong female creative like?

It's awesome, she takes the lead in sessions sometimes and it's refreshing because I always lead when I'm in the studio. She's really smart about harmonies and cadences so she really made me happy to be a part of the project. We did a 4 track EP called Baby.daddi.

 Since we can’t exclude Tweets in 2016, you recently Tweeted Prince lyrics as your favorite lyrics ever, as Prince was obviously a master of sorts of the slow songs, in your opinion are love songs dead or just waiting to make a comeback?

No, love songs aren't dead because love and music are still alive. I hear love songs all the time, and love is interpretive. It's been back in my opinion.

Sort of along the same lines, do you think mainstream hip hop is ever going to shift towards a less misogynistic tone and more of a honest one that isn’t afraid of male hip hop artists showing emotions?

I think as artists, we are entitled to talk how we please and create freely. Life is about sex, love, money, happiness, sadness, pain, anguish, anxiety, hatred….these are all components of life. Songs don't have to reflect ALL of these. Art imitates life...so “misogynistic” lyrics have ruled since I heard Randy Travis sing about cheating on his wife with a stripper at some bar...I heard this in a country song when I was 9 years old. I can't say if thats wrong or right because its his opinion.

In addition to the music, visuals are also really relevant especially in this age of short attention spans, are you working on any new music videos?

Working on several videos for the summer

Finally, if there’s one thing you want people to get from your music what is it?

Enjoy yourself..thats it.

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