I know what you're thinking. 

A. Another fur coat

B. Way too much pink

C. Other things that I don't want to know

Found this turquoise Almost Famous esque coat at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on my birthday a few weeks ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. Even though people probably don't take me seriously in a coat that makes me look like a 1st grader, I don't care. This coat makes me damn happy and I can easily pretend I'm the new age Cam'ron.

The pink hat and t-short combo also adds another hint of so called "playfulness" to the look. After standing in line at the Fairfax Supreme line with a bunch of 12 year old hype beasts (to my slight embarrassment), I finally went into the retailer and came out having purchased something (example 1 being this pink tee). If you can't appreciate a shirt with Obama smoking a joint on it I don't know what you're looking for in life...This dad cap is also from Basics Co who I interviewed a little while ago and shields me perfectly from the NY wind I'm in right now. Success.