extra! extra!

First things first, lets get these outfit details out of the Way. Fun fact, I only bought one item from this whole look because we gotta stay scamming (ahem finessing) 2k17.

Shirt (which I purchased): Squaresville

Pants: Finessed so I don't really know

Jacket: Joyrich (actually my friend Caroline's but she hasn't technically told me to return it....)

Earrings and Socks: Melody Ehsani

Sneakers: Converse, with a hint of LA rooftop tar

This outfit is very much a representation of what I've been rocking lately. Pants have been an absolute necesity for comfort and as I've been skating a little more (plus I just think cool pants are awesome in general). I've also been into big earrings and hoops. Definitely take a peek at Melody Ehsani's selection as they're light weight but still quality!

By the way if anyone knows where I can get some actual denim from JNCO Jeans that would be bomb. I'm certainly over skinny jeans so why not take that to the extreme other end and get some giant jeans?!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to be extra!

PS. Photos by https://www.instagram.com/theglasscamera/


Necklace:  Vida Kush

Necklace: Vida Kush

Sneakers: Vans

Sneakers: Vans

Green pants are the best pants, especially when they're vintage and very rare (I'm of course hoping you're also green with envy at this point). Since I'm corny and have no self control I took this chance to also put on as much of my green clothing as possible. Creating a fit that screams trendy grandma. Sweater, check. Comfortable shoes, check. 

Lets make "so grandma" the new "dad".

Ps. Photos by http://www.theglasscamera.com

sunny daze

Monochrome is cool and all but I'm still on the saturated colors wave. Found this somewhat amazing yellow sweatshirt at the Goodwill near Fairfax a few days ago. Why spend $250 on a logo hoodie when you can spend $6 at the thrift store? Its not Supreme or Palace but it looks dope either way. The rest of the look (minus the boots) is also thrifted, the shorts from Goodwill as well and the flame bandanna from Iguana Vintage on Hollywood. 

Might just wear this or something similar to the GOLF show coming up in June. Super excited to see what Tyler, the Creator puts together for his first ever fashion show. Also cool to see an artist make this event available to the public instead of just for so called industry insiders. 

Till next time.

Ps. Photos are by Austin Hunkins


I know what you're thinking. 

A. Another fur coat

B. Way too much pink

C. Other things that I don't want to know

Found this turquoise Almost Famous esque coat at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on my birthday a few weeks ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. Even though people probably don't take me seriously in a coat that makes me look like a 1st grader, I don't care. This coat makes me damn happy and I can easily pretend I'm the new age Cam'ron.

The pink hat and t-short combo also adds another hint of so called "playfulness" to the look. After standing in line at the Fairfax Supreme line with a bunch of 12 year old hype beasts (to my slight embarrassment), I finally went into the retailer and came out having purchased something (example 1 being this pink tee). If you can't appreciate a shirt with Obama smoking a joint on it I don't know what you're looking for in life...This dad cap is also from Basics Co who I interviewed a little while ago and shields me perfectly from the NY wind I'm in right now. Success.  

Suede Jury

Getting outside feels good.

Although I felt very ready getting into the new year, February didn't exactly go as I planned. But even though I've felt a little bit under the weather and uninspired recently, there's nothing a little adventure can't help. With a work trip to Joshua Tree currently underway, I feel ready for new views and new ideas. 

A good outfit can also make a world of a difference.

Vintage suede + criss crop top from Zara + Americana accessories = Desert Nostalgia

Oh, and you might want to hear this:

Slow Build.

There's something comforting about the Steve Job's aesthetic. Simple, clean, and professional. This outfit gives me a similar vibe, its a little bit norm core, and a little bit like your dad trying to revive his youth.

This t-shirt is also from one of my favorite new brands, Slow Build Heavy Grind. After modeling for their latest collection a few weeks ago (the products and final images come out next week), I've been obsessed with their take on street-wear and might have to save up for one of the strappy jackets.

Distressed logo tee available now (the shirt I'm wearing comes out on February 2nd) 

And here's a peep at the second collection (you might just see me in this):

Out of town.

The best things are never fully planned. When I stepped into a vintage store on Melrose a few weeks back I didn't expect to buy a full length wool coat with fur collar and cuffs (not exactly LA weather appropriate). Likewise, when I met up with Amelia yesterday after talking virtually I wasn't expecting to meet someone I'm sure to be really good friends with now. But alas, we had a really great time snapping a few pictures in Chinatown, and conversating about the Seattle hip hop scene while drinking bubble tea. Here's to more of the unexpected.

Sneakers: Puma

Sneakers: Puma

Overalls: Love Culture

Overalls: Love Culture

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

With the New Year coming up I've also been trying out as many outfit combinations as possible, and just generally wearing whatever I want. Rules don't apply anymore in my opinion, and I can just as well wear overalls with a hoodie, as jeans and a tee. If it feels right wear it; don't worry too much about the hype.

Hoodie: American Eagle

Hoodie: American Eagle

PS. Check out the rest of Amelia's work here: http://www.aewphotography.com, and keep an eye out for a possible post in the future about her work with a super cool Seattle hip hop and community oriented project! 


Riding pants: American Apparel, Jacket: Vintage

Boots: Zara

Denim on denim
Camel turtleneck
Chelsea boots
Warhol's muse

Colors are a powerful thing. In the midst of the concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles lays a little haven of relaxation. Bold yellow and purple buildings mix with radiant pink flowers to create an unexpected oasis. A definite breath of fresh air in a smoggy world.

Pershing Square 
532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Ice Cream Paint Job

Sirena Gelato

My dreams are made of sheepskin rugs and candy colored sunsets. 

Jacket: Kimchi Blue, Crop Top: Topshop

I wear a variation of the same outfit super frequently. Its not that I'm particularly afraid of changing it up, its just that there's an ease to a crop top and denim combination that is unrivaled by other wardrobe choices. Paired with my new favorite (and over used ) Hype hat, the look ironically screams hypebeast but also works in its simplicity. Success?

PS. Email me at seidi.hakkanen@frontier.com if you're interested in copping a hat as well, you know I can maybe make you one..

PSS. The Fremont Vintage Mall in Seattle is altogether amazing and also the source of the pink sheepskin rug previewed above. But warning, its almost impossible to leave empty handed!

3419 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 548-9140

Neon Trees.

Shirt: Search & Destroy

Shorts: The Vintage Twin

Even though the Fourth of July is seemingly the one national holiday where almost everyone in the country gets very festive with their clothing choices, I decided to just wear something that made me happy. Then again, isn't a neon band tee and cut off shorts pretty American? Nonetheless, this was my look of choice for an adventurous Saturday that included a stop at Randy's Donuts in Inglewood for some nostalgia and delicious carbs, and a pretty solid chunk of walking around Manhattan and Hermosa beach for people watching and fireworks. 10/10 would recommend both of the activities mentioned for good summer vibes.

PS. Inglewood (California) is also the setting of the movie Dope that I would definitely suggest seeing for an entertaining comedy that has one of the best sound tracks of the year, not to mention A$AP Rocky's beautiful face. Coincidentally, Vince Staples, one of the rappers that makes a brief appearance in the film, also recently put out an album entitled Summertime '06 that is in my opinion a great collection of music that should be looked at, a dark piece of work but certainly very listenable.

Dope Trailer:

One of my favorite tracks off Summertime '06:

White Teeth Teens

Pants: Zara
I'm back in the suburbs of Washington for spring break and long t-shirts are my new love interest. I bought this baby by Fresh I AM  from a vintage/streetwear shop on Fairfax in LA and I think its the real deal; we're not going to be separated for a while. Think about it, you can throw this on by itself as a mini dress with say sneakers, or then dress it up and layer it with some leather pants and heels, a win win situation. And of course if you decide to have a clothing swap occasion you can now even invite your favorite boys! Now for the hat, this is just an old-school cap I found in my (old suburban) room that somehow manages to walk on the fine line between Bruce Jenner and hip nostalgia....or at least thats what I tell myself.

Baby Blue- Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper

Vintage shorts found in Vancouver.
T-Shirt by County of Pusha (purchased at Dope on Fairfax)

When you un-intentionally wear almost the same outfit it sort of reiterates your friendship. Denim shorts and white sneakers just so happened to be what we both picked out this morning in separate parts of the city, and that's a fun thing to discover when you meet up. I mean quite frankly I didn't have a specific look in my head when I put these things together in the morning, but I can say I was feeling a bit sassier than usual with my exponentially large hair (due to the fact that its about 90 degree in my un-air conditioned apartment currently), so over sized grandma shorts and a loose shirt it was.

Upon meeting Kyler in North Hollywood we then made a quick trip to the recently opened Tea Pop cafe for some deliciously refreshing drinks (honestly). I would certainly have to name this spot as a new favorite as the atmosphere and crowd is right on point (and the interior design is bright, fun, and modern). So if you're in the area this is where you should grab something to hydrate instead of your usual Starbucks.

  • 5050 Vineland Ave
    North Hollywood, CA 91601, 
    North Hollywood

Here's to more Sunday afternoon discoveries.

Psychedelic Tigers

Slits on skirts are all fun and games until you realize they don't exactly stay in place when you walk down the street....

Regardless of the difficulty of moving from point A to point B in this skirt I do admire its aesthetic appeal. And hey, the cashier at Urban Outfitters "liked my dress" so I guess its not altogether unappealing. Though I think I'll stick to my un-slitted pencil skirts for going to class and move this skirt to my "inside only occasions" closet section.

My trusty 1970's shirt however continues to work its way through my wardrobe in all its 100% non natural fabric glory. I wouldn't be mad at all if someone decided to gift me another psychedelic printed top for Christmas, or New Years, or say just a Friday night gift of friendship.

Happy Holidaze!

Oh and in case you wonder what I sometimes splurge on:

Doesn't it look dreamy?
Coffee at il caffe on Broadway is a personal favorite of mine now as the vibe of the cafe is very different from the Starbucks of the surrounding area (plus they have delicious french bread sandwiches). Expect to see well dressed women and men with beards frantically typing away at their Mac's.

Cut-Out High Waist Brief & Silence and Noise Riley Mesh Thong
Got a pair of high waisted black underwear and a pair in a lovely emerald color at Urban today, and I might have to somewhat blame this impulse buy on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night as there were some amazing black lace pieces on there that I would have loved to own.