extra! extra!

First things first, lets get these outfit details out of the Way. Fun fact, I only bought one item from this whole look because we gotta stay scamming (ahem finessing) 2k17.

Shirt (which I purchased): Squaresville

Pants: Finessed so I don't really know

Jacket: Joyrich (actually my friend Caroline's but she hasn't technically told me to return it....)

Earrings and Socks: Melody Ehsani

Sneakers: Converse, with a hint of LA rooftop tar

This outfit is very much a representation of what I've been rocking lately. Pants have been an absolute necesity for comfort and as I've been skating a little more (plus I just think cool pants are awesome in general). I've also been into big earrings and hoops. Definitely take a peek at Melody Ehsani's selection as they're light weight but still quality!

By the way if anyone knows where I can get some actual denim from JNCO Jeans that would be bomb. I'm certainly over skinny jeans so why not take that to the extreme other end and get some giant jeans?!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to be extra!

PS. Photos by https://www.instagram.com/theglasscamera/


Necklace:  Vida Kush

Necklace: Vida Kush

Sneakers: Vans

Sneakers: Vans

Green pants are the best pants, especially when they're vintage and very rare (I'm of course hoping you're also green with envy at this point). Since I'm corny and have no self control I took this chance to also put on as much of my green clothing as possible. Creating a fit that screams trendy grandma. Sweater, check. Comfortable shoes, check. 

Lets make "so grandma" the new "dad".

Ps. Photos by http://www.theglasscamera.com

lust in love

I bought a lavender wig on Hollywood Blvd two days ago because I'm a responsible adult. 

Life hint: don't take yourself so seriously and you might find out things get better. Yes feathers on your thighs are freaking fabulous. Yes clothes can make you feel better about yourself as an individual.

I'll let you in on a secret, sometimes when I feel my worst I dress myself to the 11th degree because at least then I'll feel like a part of me is figured out. Growing up is hard but dressing yourself is simply fun. 

So who gives a damn if you post 10 outfit pics in a day? Since when was feeling good about yourself a sin? We're taught to hate ourselves growing up (especially girls) so that the moment we embrace something about our character we immediately get shunned for it.

But fu$# that; you are smart, you are beautiful, and you are sure as hell slaying that outfit. 

Photos by The Glass Camera

Hoodie: Monki, Shorts: Happiness, Thigh Highs: Stance , Boots: Zara


tunnel vision

Camo + lingerie + mesh= city surplus

Lingerie is one of my favorite apparel categories. Sure there's really not a real reason to wear fancy underwear, but then again, why not wear fancy underwear? Although you may argue no one can really see it on the regular, you can counteract that thought by layering your lingerie pieces into your daily outfits. I paired this lace up bodysuit from Victoria's Secret with a distressed tank and basketball shorts for mix of feminine and masculine. So go ahead splurge on that black lace (but ps. this bodysuit was actually on sale for 40% off ).

Photos by https://www.instagram.com/brandiewed/

sunny daze

Monochrome is cool and all but I'm still on the saturated colors wave. Found this somewhat amazing yellow sweatshirt at the Goodwill near Fairfax a few days ago. Why spend $250 on a logo hoodie when you can spend $6 at the thrift store? Its not Supreme or Palace but it looks dope either way. The rest of the look (minus the boots) is also thrifted, the shorts from Goodwill as well and the flame bandanna from Iguana Vintage on Hollywood. 

Might just wear this or something similar to the GOLF show coming up in June. Super excited to see what Tyler, the Creator puts together for his first ever fashion show. Also cool to see an artist make this event available to the public instead of just for so called industry insiders. 

Till next time.

Ps. Photos are by Austin Hunkins

good // bad

Here's a secret: you don't have to choose between being so called good or bad. Its all an illusion anyways. I'm talking about how you dress and what persona you feel like that day. Maybe I went for all over fishnet and a slip because I wanted to feel powerful and sexy and maybe a little dark. There's nothing wrong with doing exactly what you want.

I'm honestly tired of the stigma that you can't enjoy dressing yourself every day and be a very smart individual at the same time. Along the same lines, I'm tired of people judging others for what they're wearing and how they represent themselves. If its not hurting you why worry about it? 

Fishnet x silk x sneakers= bad gal grunge

Ps. Shoelaces as a necklace are a must.

Pss. Photos by the amazing http://www.theglasscamera.com

that's gucci!

I still don't have Gucci flip flops so I guess a borrowed visor will have to do.

Been experimenting a little bit more with looks lately after feeling inspired by a handful of internet & irl people, since I don't have a specific style its nice to try out new combinations and vibes. This what I put together today for a little hipster lunch in Silverlake...

Gucci visor x UNIQLO KAWS shirt x neutrals= grunge hypebeast?


mob behavior

A$AP Rocky + Sky Ferreira: babe central, so when I have them on the same shirt it means I'm happy.

Not quite sure what this look I wore yesterday was going for, a choker and Vans, plus a zip up pencil skirt is pretty random, but hey I think it works? Loitering in a parking lot is also essential to get the right background for a picture (especially in busy downtown LA). 

On another note, I've been very much into pastel colors lately, especially in a street style sense (I mean don't you love these pink sneakers?). Theres just something about not being so serious in just black and white thats refreshing in a sense. For example:

Ian Connor 

Ian Connor 

Inspo via Tumblr

Inspo via Tumblr


Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

A dress can be a great starting point for an outfit. 

Even though we all love hating on the Kardashian/Jenners, we have to admit their style has had a massive impact on pop culture and I'm sure most of our closets. When I picked up this turtleneck dress from H&M a few weeks ago (on sale of course) I imagined it with Kim K vibes. Black ankle boots, a slicked back pony, and maybe even a fur. Flash forward to this outfit, and I've taken it a whole other direction (maybe directly opposite direction). Much more Emily Oberg/Real Housewives than sexy reality star. 

Case in point, what I'm saying is theres a million ways to pair a simple, form fitting dress. So even though you might start sweating in a wool blend long sleeve dress, you will look undoubtedly good while passing out from heat stroke.


I know what you're thinking. 

A. Another fur coat

B. Way too much pink

C. Other things that I don't want to know

Found this turquoise Almost Famous esque coat at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on my birthday a few weeks ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. Even though people probably don't take me seriously in a coat that makes me look like a 1st grader, I don't care. This coat makes me damn happy and I can easily pretend I'm the new age Cam'ron.

The pink hat and t-short combo also adds another hint of so called "playfulness" to the look. After standing in line at the Fairfax Supreme line with a bunch of 12 year old hype beasts (to my slight embarrassment), I finally went into the retailer and came out having purchased something (example 1 being this pink tee). If you can't appreciate a shirt with Obama smoking a joint on it I don't know what you're looking for in life...This dad cap is also from Basics Co who I interviewed a little while ago and shields me perfectly from the NY wind I'm in right now. Success.  

cotton candy

Cotton candy hair x Chaos sweatpants x Pink Vans= a beautiful mess

I dyed my hair pink because I'm great at rash decisions.

I also dyed my hair pink because its my favorite color and I'm trying to add more vibrancy to my life. Why take things so seriously? Wear miss matched socks and blast your music loud. It's ok if you do things for yourself. 

Ps. My friend The Glass Camera  took these photos and we got kicked out of the parking garage. Youth at its finest. 

Don't Play Nice

Neon pink in the desert. How risqué! Of course denim and neutrals remain very classic in the great outdoors, but why not add a pop of color whilst exploring. As my outfits usually come together with no major brain proccesing, I last minute decided to pair my crotchet top from Happiness with my high waisted/wide leg jeans. During the course of the day I also added a bandana from APPRVL to complete my outfit (copped from the Desert & Denim trade show in Joshua Tree). All together I think the combination gives off an Americana vibe without feeling monotonous. What do you think?

Ps. I've been wearing my Vans since December almost everyday. I don't know if its my infatuation with skaters, or the fact that they're the comfiest sneakers I've owned, but I would definitely recommend getting them as a staple piece of footwear (these are the slimmer hi top design).

Suede Jury

Getting outside feels good.

Although I felt very ready getting into the new year, February didn't exactly go as I planned. But even though I've felt a little bit under the weather and uninspired recently, there's nothing a little adventure can't help. With a work trip to Joshua Tree currently underway, I feel ready for new views and new ideas. 

A good outfit can also make a world of a difference.

Vintage suede + criss crop top from Zara + Americana accessories = Desert Nostalgia

Oh, and you might want to hear this:

Slow Build.

There's something comforting about the Steve Job's aesthetic. Simple, clean, and professional. This outfit gives me a similar vibe, its a little bit norm core, and a little bit like your dad trying to revive his youth.

This t-shirt is also from one of my favorite new brands, Slow Build Heavy Grind. After modeling for their latest collection a few weeks ago (the products and final images come out next week), I've been obsessed with their take on street-wear and might have to save up for one of the strappy jackets.

Distressed logo tee available now (the shirt I'm wearing comes out on February 2nd) 

And here's a peep at the second collection (you might just see me in this):

Out of town.

The best things are never fully planned. When I stepped into a vintage store on Melrose a few weeks back I didn't expect to buy a full length wool coat with fur collar and cuffs (not exactly LA weather appropriate). Likewise, when I met up with Amelia yesterday after talking virtually I wasn't expecting to meet someone I'm sure to be really good friends with now. But alas, we had a really great time snapping a few pictures in Chinatown, and conversating about the Seattle hip hop scene while drinking bubble tea. Here's to more of the unexpected.

Sneakers: Puma

Sneakers: Puma

Overalls: Love Culture

Overalls: Love Culture

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

With the New Year coming up I've also been trying out as many outfit combinations as possible, and just generally wearing whatever I want. Rules don't apply anymore in my opinion, and I can just as well wear overalls with a hoodie, as jeans and a tee. If it feels right wear it; don't worry too much about the hype.

Hoodie: American Eagle

Hoodie: American Eagle

PS. Check out the rest of Amelia's work here: http://www.aewphotography.com, and keep an eye out for a possible post in the future about her work with a super cool Seattle hip hop and community oriented project! 


Faux fur vest: Kuhl
Pants: American Eagle
Vest: Valette

XL Hood  
Warm Layers
Olive Green
Mountain Hy(pe)

Neutral layers and oversized silhouettes are nothing remotely new or original to fashion this year, but this doesn't make them any worse (in my personal opinion). Paired together some of my most recent pieces into a very Northwest appropriate street-wear look. The best part about this whole outfit is also the price, I found this amazing vest at Nordstrom Rack yesterday for $30, way way less than some of the higher end pieces your favorite Instagram'ers are wearing. Success.

Self Assured

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters x Unif, Pants & Shoes: Zara,  Coat: Target

A great outfit makes you feel cocky. 

I don't mean cocky in a Scot Disick popping bottles in Miami way, I mean cocky in a Kanye at LAX "Do you see this coat?" kind of way. If there was a scientific way to measure how much better you feel wearing something you love I would do it just to prove this point. Why spend your life dressed in mediocre clothing when you can wear something creative & comfortable that feels a little bit more like you? Money in no way is required to have great style. I've found some of my most loved apparel at thrift shops and run of the mill fast fashion joints. So in the most cheesy and capitalist statement yet: just do it.

Ps. I've been loving mixing casual sportswear garb with more luxurious pieces lately. This black (faux) fur coat and Unif sweatshirt combo feels like the perfect mixture of cool and collected. Nothing outside the box, but still not another t-shirt and bomber jacket...

highs and lows

T-shirt by https://instagram.com/sxdxteezy/
Leather culottes




Baby why so cold?

Fall in Los Angeles.

As the sun withdraws to a lukewarm 70 degrees, the vibe of the city is a little off. Without the sweltering heat and continuous sunshine the City of Angels seems almost normal? Maybe even a little darker.

Ps. Ring folding by https://instagram.com/mech.e/

Jacket: LUE
Pants: Zara, Boots: Michael Kors

Frequent Fly, Never Trip

Rooftops are where I feel most comfortable. Being able to look at all the drama of the city from above makes me somehow feel at ease. Gorgeous views of skyscrapers and busy streets aren't so bad either! These shots are from one of these rooftop excursions a little while ago, this time on the bustling Broadway near the epicenter of downtown. 

As for the clothing of choice there's something about this psychedelic print sweater that just feels right. Its a little bit crazy and out there but in the best way possible (not to mention the comfiest fabric ever). Paired with my uber cheap thrift shop pleated skirt and collar I think it turned out pretty cool. So don't trip, its just fashion.

Psychedelic sweater by Clover Canyon
Pink collar
Schoolgirl skirt

 Downtown dreamer

Photos shot by the super talented Samantha of https://instagram.com/sofritasburrito/