good // bad

Here's a secret: you don't have to choose between being so called good or bad. Its all an illusion anyways. I'm talking about how you dress and what persona you feel like that day. Maybe I went for all over fishnet and a slip because I wanted to feel powerful and sexy and maybe a little dark. There's nothing wrong with doing exactly what you want.

I'm honestly tired of the stigma that you can't enjoy dressing yourself every day and be a very smart individual at the same time. Along the same lines, I'm tired of people judging others for what they're wearing and how they represent themselves. If its not hurting you why worry about it? 

Fishnet x silk x sneakers= bad gal grunge

Ps. Shoelaces as a necklace are a must.

Pss. Photos by the amazing

mob behavior

A$AP Rocky + Sky Ferreira: babe central, so when I have them on the same shirt it means I'm happy.

Not quite sure what this look I wore yesterday was going for, a choker and Vans, plus a zip up pencil skirt is pretty random, but hey I think it works? Loitering in a parking lot is also essential to get the right background for a picture (especially in busy downtown LA). 

On another note, I've been very much into pastel colors lately, especially in a street style sense (I mean don't you love these pink sneakers?). Theres just something about not being so serious in just black and white thats refreshing in a sense. For example:

Ian Connor 

Ian Connor 

Inspo via Tumblr

Inspo via Tumblr

Black Noise

I could fill this post up with writing of my so called inspiration for this look. But really its quite simple; black is easy. Choose a color scheme and its effortless to create a bold look that appears like you spent a considerable time putting it together, when in reality you just grabbed a random assortment from your closet. Though of course it helps when your best friend does amazing makeup and you can also borrow her jewelry (isn't this choker sassy?). But nonetheless, all black is easy, effortless, and can maybe be one part of your life that isn't complicated.