Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

A dress can be a great starting point for an outfit. 

Even though we all love hating on the Kardashian/Jenners, we have to admit their style has had a massive impact on pop culture and I'm sure most of our closets. When I picked up this turtleneck dress from H&M a few weeks ago (on sale of course) I imagined it with Kim K vibes. Black ankle boots, a slicked back pony, and maybe even a fur. Flash forward to this outfit, and I've taken it a whole other direction (maybe directly opposite direction). Much more Emily Oberg/Real Housewives than sexy reality star. 

Case in point, what I'm saying is theres a million ways to pair a simple, form fitting dress. So even though you might start sweating in a wool blend long sleeve dress, you will look undoubtedly good while passing out from heat stroke.


Overalls: Red Light Vintage, Sneakers: Steve Madden
Money is the Anthem?

Somewhere in the smoggy hills of LA's Griffith Park lays an abandoned zoo that used to house everything from lions to monkeys. Call it what you want in its current state, it now features a visual wonderland of graffiti and decaying structures that are equal parts cool and spooky. You can even make your way into some of the old cages and buildings by holes created in the fence, what's adventure without a little bit of danger? Though the only danger in this case might be getting a cut from the jagged iron edges. Nonetheless, this is certainly a cool location for a day time trip, or to take some out of town visitors for a "weird Los Angeles" experience. And hey, you could also bring some spray paint to test your artistic talent...

The Old L.A. Zoo
Griffith Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027