Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

Shoes: Nike Huaraches, Vest: Valette

A dress can be a great starting point for an outfit. 

Even though we all love hating on the Kardashian/Jenners, we have to admit their style has had a massive impact on pop culture and I'm sure most of our closets. When I picked up this turtleneck dress from H&M a few weeks ago (on sale of course) I imagined it with Kim K vibes. Black ankle boots, a slicked back pony, and maybe even a fur. Flash forward to this outfit, and I've taken it a whole other direction (maybe directly opposite direction). Much more Emily Oberg/Real Housewives than sexy reality star. 

Case in point, what I'm saying is theres a million ways to pair a simple, form fitting dress. So even though you might start sweating in a wool blend long sleeve dress, you will look undoubtedly good while passing out from heat stroke.

cotton candy

Cotton candy hair x Chaos sweatpants x Pink Vans= a beautiful mess

I dyed my hair pink because I'm great at rash decisions.

I also dyed my hair pink because its my favorite color and I'm trying to add more vibrancy to my life. Why take things so seriously? Wear miss matched socks and blast your music loud. It's ok if you do things for yourself. 

Ps. My friend The Glass Camera  took these photos and we got kicked out of the parking garage. Youth at its finest. 

Out of town.

The best things are never fully planned. When I stepped into a vintage store on Melrose a few weeks back I didn't expect to buy a full length wool coat with fur collar and cuffs (not exactly LA weather appropriate). Likewise, when I met up with Amelia yesterday after talking virtually I wasn't expecting to meet someone I'm sure to be really good friends with now. But alas, we had a really great time snapping a few pictures in Chinatown, and conversating about the Seattle hip hop scene while drinking bubble tea. Here's to more of the unexpected.

Sneakers: Puma

Sneakers: Puma

Overalls: Love Culture

Overalls: Love Culture

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

Coat: SLOW Vintage (on Melrose)

With the New Year coming up I've also been trying out as many outfit combinations as possible, and just generally wearing whatever I want. Rules don't apply anymore in my opinion, and I can just as well wear overalls with a hoodie, as jeans and a tee. If it feels right wear it; don't worry too much about the hype.

Hoodie: American Eagle

Hoodie: American Eagle

PS. Check out the rest of Amelia's work here:, and keep an eye out for a possible post in the future about her work with a super cool Seattle hip hop and community oriented project! 


Faux fur vest: Kuhl
Pants: American Eagle
Vest: Valette

XL Hood  
Warm Layers
Olive Green
Mountain Hy(pe)

Neutral layers and oversized silhouettes are nothing remotely new or original to fashion this year, but this doesn't make them any worse (in my personal opinion). Paired together some of my most recent pieces into a very Northwest appropriate street-wear look. The best part about this whole outfit is also the price, I found this amazing vest at Nordstrom Rack yesterday for $30, way way less than some of the higher end pieces your favorite Instagram'ers are wearing. Success.

The Way


Today I spent $11 on a magazine with Young Thug in a dress in it.

What can I say? *I'm a very fiscally responsible young adult. I also can't think of any more clever titles about black and white dressing. But nonetheless, expensive literature and my limited brain are not the real prompts of this blog post, the real prompt is that of streetwear being universal. 

Today I headed to Seattle with one of my friends from FIDM and was pleasantly surprised to find we had dressed in a similar aesthetic. Black and white and fairly minimalist. What was even better was that her mesh jersey was from one of my favorite streetwear stores on Fairfax in Los Angeles,  appropriately named Dope, and we were heading to one of Seattle's best streetwear shops, Alive & Well. After grabbing a logo t-shirt there for someone back in CA (ahem I hope you read this), I also picked up a Seattle cap and threw it on for the rest of the day. 

Maybe its because we had on similar outfits, or because I've attained a new appreciation for smaller shops over the past years, I then had a little realization. No matter what part of the country you live in, streetwear plays a huge part in bringing culture and fashion together in a very wearable and (usually) unpretentious way, and that's truly dope.

 * You also have to admit a trap artist in a pink tutu is sort of iconic, actually very iconic. 

Ps. Be sure to check out Alive & Well the next time you're in the Seattle area!

Golden Girl- Frank Ocean feat. Tyler the Creator

You're 24 karats.

Hair still dripping from the shower.
Pure white in its sheerest form.
Camel coat because this is business after all.

Interested in styling some projects in the near future, email me for any inquiries or brainstorming:

*Photos by

Easy as...

One piece: H&M, Pants: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

No smoking, except when its in leotard form with open sides. Paired this cool, printed one piece from H&M today with black and white sweatpants for an easy, streamlined look that still has some visual interest. Nothing crazy but still fairly put together for a Monday afternoon (especially considering I spent the majority of the day doing homework). I'm also generally excited to see how this week ends up (and the next few weeks in general) as I had quite the exciting last few days. I  ended up shooting for someone I look up to in the fashion industry after going to a casting on Fairfax on Monday and a fitting in the valley on Wednesday (hint hint if you follow this person you might know who I'm talking about), and also shot a possible cover for FIDM's Mode magazine on Sunday. So stay tuned to see those shots in the future and don't forget to contact me if you want to collaborate on a project or an idea!

PS. Photos shot by the lovely

Coming soon.

Up All Day and Night

Hat: Obey

Platforms: Dirty Laundry

Jeans: Vibrant M I U, Jacket: Joyrich

Ripped knees & t-shirts are the uniform of youth for the weekend. It's even better if the t-shirt has a bluntly stated Urban Dictionary vibe to it courtesy of some very cool Los Angeles designers (who you might have even seen in my last post getting tattooed).

Hey, its not bad to be young, and young at heart is even better.

Risky Business

So I found this hat in the mens section at H&M.
Jeans: Vibrant Denim from Love Culture
Crop top: Top Shop
Camel Coat: Kimchi Blue

Please don't take this title as an indication that I like Tom Cruise, no I'm not referencing the movie or the actor who I can't stand for no justifiable reason, I just like the title because it somehow suits the setting of today's pictures pretty accurately. Upon shooting at this coffee shop's bathroom (by the University of Washington) we got suspicious questions from the owners of the place; apparently its not common to have an unplanned photoshoot in a restroom, who knew? Subsequently we had to prop the door open so we wouldn't go against the "one at a time" policy of the establishment.

But as is my affection for ridiculous settings, this look was very much inspired by the internet. I've been lusting over bloggers and musical artists wearing camel coats with sneakers for a while now, and finally have the pieces for such an outfit! It might be a commonly worn combination but I think this is for good reason, its comfy and chic with a touch of carelessness, helped of course by my genius beanie.

It should also be noted I should not allow myself to go to Red Light Vintage due their immediate ability to make me buy a bunch of clothes I don't really need. Though these babies might be used tomorrow in a shoot I'm doing so you could very well be seeing them again pretty soon...

White Teeth Teens

Pants: Zara
I'm back in the suburbs of Washington for spring break and long t-shirts are my new love interest. I bought this baby by Fresh I AM  from a vintage/streetwear shop on Fairfax in LA and I think its the real deal; we're not going to be separated for a while. Think about it, you can throw this on by itself as a mini dress with say sneakers, or then dress it up and layer it with some leather pants and heels, a win win situation. And of course if you decide to have a clothing swap occasion you can now even invite your favorite boys! Now for the hat, this is just an old-school cap I found in my (old suburban) room that somehow manages to walk on the fine line between Bruce Jenner and hip nostalgia....or at least thats what I tell myself.

Ya Bish.

Shorts by PHLO
Welcome to my apartment.
Let me start out by saying I don't think I'll ever get into a stage of my life where I don't enjoy a clever  t-shirt. I guess its the norm that only teenagers like band t-shirts or witty phrases on their clothing, but I don't think I'll really get tired of it. I'll probably be 80 and wearing a J Cole top and fur coat because that's just what I like. But I especially like this sequined top by This is A Love Song that I purchased last month because you'll only get the true reference if you're an avid musical fan. "Ya Bish" of course can be understood as simply a twist on the saying, "Your B!&$," but its actually something that Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar popularized (listen to the amazing Money Trees to confirm this). Furthermore Kendrick of course has been killing it lately with his (soon to be classic) album To Pimp A Butterfly and I definitely think he deserves all the hype. So even though I might get some judgement walking down the street in this item (oh the never ending "cultural appropriation" struggle) I don't really care because you can stop me and we can have a lengthy discussion about K Dot that I can contribute to...

Some Days

A cashier at Target recognized Schoolboy owns this hat, small world.

You know this is my favorite necklace...

New addition to the apartment, a project I did for my Color & Design Theory class

Knee rips might be the new distressed.
Don't take me too seriously.

Some days are for bright, happy colors, some days are for dark clothes that might bluntly state, "Ok, I go to fashion school." But regardless of the palette, I like to mix up my looks to create my personal style. There are times when I feel like dressing a little more feminine in a shorter dress and heels, and others when there's nothing I'd rather do than cover my body in black leather and quickly walk down the street blasting Travis Scott.

The first look was just something I put together on a normal school day about a week ago (though a little brighter than usual for my painting class), but the look above is what I wore yesterday to go see the Los Angeles Collections runway shows for LA Fashion Week. Since I intern for Style Smith who organized the event, I got the lucky chance to get a glimpse of what some new designers are putting out to the world (a much better post class activity than usual). Because I managed to get some pictures and video I will be putting together a little review of tidbits of the two days that you should be on the look out for in the near future! I also have some creative ideas brewing in my head that I'll be working on during my upcoming spring break and will certainly post more to let you a little more into my head.

Bright Light


Even though I tried, I could not escape the constant talk of Valentine's Day (or the floral arrangements on every street corner in this city). So to be at least somewhat festive/sociable for this "holiday" I decided to bring out my furry and (very) pink purse. Bam. A touch of color added to my all white Saturday afternoon outfit. Simple but still with a hint of fun.

My good friend (and puppy owner) Caroline decided to take another route completely and rock a very badass, black look for the day; watch out boys...

PS. If you see a group of girls talking loudly at Roscoes tonight it might be us.

Dark Matter

(faux) Givenchy canine vibes

I stole my dad's old jeans

Black just feels right. No matter the time of the year, or the trends making rounds on Hypebeast, black clothing will always capture the perfect aura of slight rebellion and a sleek slate of style. That's why dark lingerie is the new sexy. We're not over pink and frilly per say, but its time for underwear to be as powerful as it is fun. And why not show it off instead of merely hiding it under your toppers of choice? Of course don't walk down the street in merely your thong (unless you find that appropriate for some reason), but when done right showing off your layers can add a hint of cool without giving it all away.

PS. Chromat shows off this look seamlessly and should certainly be on your fashion radar:
Fall 2014 Runway

Sheer + Seams

Extended Bustier available on

Black Tar Heroine

Black and white at S.A.M
Jacket: Reign Storm
General aesthetic for 2015: less is more.
Simple and streamlined with monochromatic shades. All black with my snow white Air Force 1's.

Shirt & cap: Forever 21

Pants: Sparkle & Fade, Sneakers: Nike

Purse: Forever 21

Something fun is always necessary.
Visited the Seattle Art Museum today especially interested to see the pop art exhibit ending January 11th. Came out with renewed interest for creativity, and a few favorite art pieces in mind. I'm also especially fond of  artists who use modern technology to create items that are almost other worldly and dream like (and probably what one would experience on psychedelics). Jacolby Satterwhite's Country Ball 1989-2012 video struck me as one of a kind and as something I could stare at for a while without attaining any feelings resembling boredom.

A still from the video.
I also loved the art below, from the Warhol inspired hair by Mickalene Thompson, to the amazing fashion magazine/mixed media paintings by Robert Heinecken and the relevant as ever 1980's piece Seduction by Lynn Hershman Leeson

Hair Portrait #20


A (Blue) Love Letter

Fuzzy bucket hat found in family closet +  flannel by BDG (Urban Outfitters)

If you've been reading my virtual home here for a little bit you know that I have a slight infatuation with Seattle's Capitol Hill. Up on this (literal) incline lies a world full of bearded men, good food, and  people much cooler than me (for example the entire staff at Alive & Well). But my all time favorite location on the hill is Red Light Vintage, and this weekend I was sincerely very sad to learn that this long time vintage shop is closing its doors. To celebrate the countless hours I spent browsing through the decade organized hangers, here is a love letter for the one that got away (though technically you're still in the University District). 

Dear Red Light Vintage,

Oh how I loved you. And no, it wasn't purely a superficial love either. You truly had it all, who else held Backstreet Boys sweaters and silver evening dresses at the same time? Who else had a menage of fur coats probably worn in the Thrift Shop video? No one but you. So what I want to say is even though I'll miss your presence, and Broadway will never be the same, I won't forget you. I'll still visit you in my dreams with loads of 90's denim dresses in arm in those slightly musty but lovable carpeted dressing rooms. 


Lunch at the Lost Lake Cafe
But although it certainly was a teary moment to hear of the soon to be passing of my favorite shop, I still gathered myself together enough to not listen to sad Drake songs and instead mustered on through the streets. What got me back to my sassy but happy self was visiting the classic Everyday Music for some soundtracks to life. Soundtracks to life meaning I picked up The Chronic by Dr. Dre, a compilation of Jimi Hendrix songs, and a Phantogram album recommended to me by a Californian (originally Coloradan) with good taste. 

Sales associates next to talking about those big square album covers on the wall; apparently not for sale. But don't cry about it kids.
Music in hand I then happily strolled through the rain to grab some sugary treats at Nordstrom Cafe with my mom, because what else tops off a solid afternoon better than Creme Brûlée? Until next time.


Shirt by ADG
Once in a lifetime you find a shirt so dope that you justify spending 79 dollars for a simply cut and sewn piece of fabric. Then again this isn't really just a t-shirt, it has the pretty mother#%$@! himself and the (formerly) blonde pop goddess Sky Ferreira (along with a menage of Tumblr photos) . So really it was an investment of pop culture glory.

This triumph of an item was found at Dope, a street-wear store in LA's Fairfax shopping area.  I visited this stylish street post volunteering at The Grove, knowing very well I would probably spend some cash I don't have/shouldn't use. If I somehow ended up dating Drake in my later years (ahem or Rocky) the first thing I would do after having him sing for me would be to take me on a Fairfax shopping spree, its a heaven of printed tops and leather sneakers! But lets be real any place where the rap is blasting and the men are well dressed is quite okay with me.

In case you need to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, or self some Christmas gifts:

Fight The Power Bucket Hat $28.00 

Switch Goalie Jersey $54.60

Geometrica Sweatpants $61.60

One Time for my LA Sisters

Sometimes the past is the best inspiration. Today's outfit is undeniably 1990's, from the denim overalls to the bucket hat and Calvin Klein set. Yet even with its very throwback origins it manages to look fresh as ever for 2014. Although this look has been done countless times and seems to continue its voyage through the Tumblr realm, I still don't get tired of it. There's something about the combination of comfort and attitude that is just so right.

See what I'm saying:
R&B queen Aaliyah

Modern day rapper (and my favorite) Chance (the Rapper)
Vintage Ms.Moss in those infamous pants

Kendall in her Calvins
LL Cool J sporting a bucket
Internet starlets with buckets will never get old
PS. Listen to this: Forest Hills Drive