extra! extra!

First things first, lets get these outfit details out of the Way. Fun fact, I only bought one item from this whole look because we gotta stay scamming (ahem finessing) 2k17.

Shirt (which I purchased): Squaresville

Pants: Finessed so I don't really know

Jacket: Joyrich (actually my friend Caroline's but she hasn't technically told me to return it....)

Earrings and Socks: Melody Ehsani

Sneakers: Converse, with a hint of LA rooftop tar

This outfit is very much a representation of what I've been rocking lately. Pants have been an absolute necesity for comfort and as I've been skating a little more (plus I just think cool pants are awesome in general). I've also been into big earrings and hoops. Definitely take a peek at Melody Ehsani's selection as they're light weight but still quality!

By the way if anyone knows where I can get some actual denim from JNCO Jeans that would be bomb. I'm certainly over skinny jeans so why not take that to the extreme other end and get some giant jeans?!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to be extra!

PS. Photos by https://www.instagram.com/theglasscamera/