Question of the Week: Burglar or fashion icon?

Last Friday I watched the now infamous (almost cult status) Harmony Korine film "Spring Breakers". Now personally I liked it and I feel like a majority of the people who went to see it  and said it sucked didn't "get it" but that's a story for another time. I'm here to talk about a trend I'm witnessing. One you could say has literally caught my eye. Ok, actually there's holes for your eyes in this trend so that doesn't really work (darn). If you don't get where I'm going with this by now then "gurl!, where have you been living?". I am of of course babbling about face masks! Everyone from A$AP Rocky to Sky Ferreira to Ashley Benson (well in the movie) has been hopping on the mysterious face bandwagon. Regardless if these people are wearing them ironically (ahem Sky) it's definitely popular at the moment and I'm not quite sure why. Pretty sure if I sported this accessory to the local super market I would get questioned by the police, or at least someone would ask me if I'm on bath salts. So what do you think, are face masks "stealthily sexy?" or "deranged lunatic escapee"?

Ps. Go see "Spring Breakers", even though its crazy you will enjoy the saturated neon lighting and James Franco as a gangster. Just do it.

Rakim keeping casual at FW.

Spraaaannngggg Break 4-Evah
Oh Kanye. Don't scare the new baby.

Sporting the robber look in haute pink. Que the Britney Spears montage...