Just stay.

Lately I've been doing a lot of Instagram browsing, and though most if it has been completely unhelpful (such as pictures of dessert or Mexican beaches), I have got quite a bit of style inspiration from Rihannas account ("badgirlriri"). She posts a ton of outfit pictures and close ups of accessories, all of which make me drool and begin to sound like Rachel Zoe "I diieeeee". And according to this phone research I have found at the moment she is really into pairing simple strappy heels with jeans, and because I don't have strappy heels I decided to emulate this look by pairing my leather sandals with skinnies, of course I also threw on my dad's army jacket to give it a bit of a grungy vibe. Nothing crazy here, just a simple weekend outfit, but much chic'er than yoga pants and a hoodie!