Hollywood Infected Your Brain

What's pink and adorable and fluffy? A dyed miniature poodle yes! But sadly that's the wrong answer in this case so save that for a later Family Feud round.

In this case its my purse. In all its 90's glory I bought this bad boy on Melrose about a week back and I absolutely love it. Took it out for a spin this weekend at a friends birthday at a club in Hollywood and its just one of those pieces that makes you smile. Ridiculous enough to get a few prolonged glances, yet still very usable and roomy.

Decided to add to its throwback appeal by pairing it with a gold, ribbed, mini dress I got from Red Light in Seattle and a choker necklace. Pretty much I was Cher Horowitz meets Romy and Michele's High School Reunion all while dancing to Drake and twerking to Nicki.