South Central Love- Dom Kennedy

Caught in the act by Bianca.
Tie dye in the foliage

Thrift shops contain must haves you didn't know you needed.

And Bianca records the action again.

Cheesy as it might be palm trees really do look pretty lovely in the evening sun.

Spent the post school afternoon at one of my new (and way cooler than me) friends Bianca and Ashlin's apartment near USC. We were originally planning to go to The Grove for the farmers market, but ended up just chilling nearby. This included finding a few gems at the local Goodwill (1960's mushroom pot and Playboy mug were mine for under 5 dollars) and then eating some butter appreciating pastries at Spudnuts Donuts (well maybe I ate an entire croissant and cronut by myself). Chance the Rapper and some electronic remixes also sounded quite perfect with tea in hand later on on the apartment stereo. All I can say is that music remains one of my strongest loves regardless of where I'm situated; good company isn't too bad either.