No Flex Zone

Pants: willow & clay
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Dirty Laundry
Fashion District rooftop
Boss Lady gets the perfect shoe selfie.
Peplum top: H&M
So many beautiful places in this city.

Yes. Your home girl is in fact wearing white. Might it be the heat getting to my head? Regardless of the reason, I am indeed attempting to add some lighter colors to my dressing. This is what I wore yesterday for my first day interning at style smith, and although it was not originally what I was planning on putting on my body (due to a stain on my emerald skirt) I think it turned out rather fresh. Not Fresh Prince of Bell-Air fresh though, but rather clean and peppy looking. I think I might also be getting a slight tan which is rather exciting considering I'm used to being a glowing Finnish orb of paleness. Oh the magical qualities of California.