A (Blue) Love Letter

Fuzzy bucket hat found in family closet +  flannel by BDG (Urban Outfitters)

If you've been reading my virtual home here for a little bit you know that I have a slight infatuation with Seattle's Capitol Hill. Up on this (literal) incline lies a world full of bearded men, good food, and  people much cooler than me (for example the entire staff at Alive & Well). But my all time favorite location on the hill is Red Light Vintage, and this weekend I was sincerely very sad to learn that this long time vintage shop is closing its doors. To celebrate the countless hours I spent browsing through the decade organized hangers, here is a love letter for the one that got away (though technically you're still in the University District). 

Dear Red Light Vintage,

Oh how I loved you. And no, it wasn't purely a superficial love either. You truly had it all, who else held Backstreet Boys sweaters and silver evening dresses at the same time? Who else had a menage of fur coats probably worn in the Thrift Shop video? No one but you. So what I want to say is even though I'll miss your presence, and Broadway will never be the same, I won't forget you. I'll still visit you in my dreams with loads of 90's denim dresses in arm in those slightly musty but lovable carpeted dressing rooms. 


Lunch at the Lost Lake Cafe
But although it certainly was a teary moment to hear of the soon to be passing of my favorite shop, I still gathered myself together enough to not listen to sad Drake songs and instead mustered on through the streets. What got me back to my sassy but happy self was visiting the classic Everyday Music for some soundtracks to life. Soundtracks to life meaning I picked up The Chronic by Dr. Dre, a compilation of Jimi Hendrix songs, and a Phantogram album recommended to me by a Californian (originally Coloradan) with good taste. 

Sales associates next to talking about those big square album covers on the wall; apparently not for sale. But don't cry about it kids.
Music in hand I then happily strolled through the rain to grab some sugary treats at Nordstrom Cafe with my mom, because what else tops off a solid afternoon better than Creme Brûlée? Until next time.