tunnel vision

Camo + lingerie + mesh= city surplus

Lingerie is one of my favorite apparel categories. Sure there's really not a real reason to wear fancy underwear, but then again, why not wear fancy underwear? Although you may argue no one can really see it on the regular, you can counteract that thought by layering your lingerie pieces into your daily outfits. I paired this lace up bodysuit from Victoria's Secret with a distressed tank and basketball shorts for mix of feminine and masculine. So go ahead splurge on that black lace (but ps. this bodysuit was actually on sale for 40% off ).

Photos by https://www.instagram.com/brandiewed/

Dark Matter

(faux) Givenchy canine vibes

I stole my dad's old jeans

Black just feels right. No matter the time of the year, or the trends making rounds on Hypebeast, black clothing will always capture the perfect aura of slight rebellion and a sleek slate of style. That's why dark lingerie is the new sexy. We're not over pink and frilly per say, but its time for underwear to be as powerful as it is fun. And why not show it off instead of merely hiding it under your toppers of choice? Of course don't walk down the street in merely your thong (unless you find that appropriate for some reason), but when done right showing off your layers can add a hint of cool without giving it all away.

PS. Chromat shows off this look seamlessly and should certainly be on your fashion radar:
Fall 2014 Runway

Sheer + Seams

Extended Bustier available on http://chromat.co