lust in love

I bought a lavender wig on Hollywood Blvd two days ago because I'm a responsible adult. 

Life hint: don't take yourself so seriously and you might find out things get better. Yes feathers on your thighs are freaking fabulous. Yes clothes can make you feel better about yourself as an individual.

I'll let you in on a secret, sometimes when I feel my worst I dress myself to the 11th degree because at least then I'll feel like a part of me is figured out. Growing up is hard but dressing yourself is simply fun. 

So who gives a damn if you post 10 outfit pics in a day? Since when was feeling good about yourself a sin? We're taught to hate ourselves growing up (especially girls) so that the moment we embrace something about our character we immediately get shunned for it.

But fu$# that; you are smart, you are beautiful, and you are sure as hell slaying that outfit. 

Photos by The Glass Camera

Hoodie: Monki, Shorts: Happiness, Thigh Highs: Stance , Boots: Zara


tommy girl.

Lets hit the roof.

A$AP Ferg might have his fit down to his Tommy boxers but I'm just gonna put it out there that Hilfiger jeans are a bit of a step up from underwear (slight shade). I found these vintage beauties at the Melrose Trading Post last weekend and I'm quite infatuated with my purchase, because nothing says spending your fashion school graduation money wisely like buying old jeans.

In addition to the blues, I finally got to wear my new Water White tee out (in the heat) and felt very cool. If you don't know already, the tee is designed by NY rapper Justin Rose who I interviewed a while back). Best get on that wave quick.

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PSS. Shoutout Marissa for helping take pics and let me loose on her roof. 

Just Peachy

I've always been a fan of the color pink, with its capability to be both equally feminine and powerful, I've just never really incorporated it into my daily wardrobe. But with this ribbed halter top from Topshop its easy to create a casual look with a bit of a lighter color; just add black. 

Light pink halter
Mesh basketball shorts
1970's rose gold
Saturday day dreaming

Ps. If you need a weekend stop in downtown Los Angeles:

Classic Coffee in downtown

 862 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Ya Bish.

Shorts by PHLO
Welcome to my apartment.
Let me start out by saying I don't think I'll ever get into a stage of my life where I don't enjoy a clever  t-shirt. I guess its the norm that only teenagers like band t-shirts or witty phrases on their clothing, but I don't think I'll really get tired of it. I'll probably be 80 and wearing a J Cole top and fur coat because that's just what I like. But I especially like this sequined top by This is A Love Song that I purchased last month because you'll only get the true reference if you're an avid musical fan. "Ya Bish" of course can be understood as simply a twist on the saying, "Your B!&$," but its actually something that Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar popularized (listen to the amazing Money Trees to confirm this). Furthermore Kendrick of course has been killing it lately with his (soon to be classic) album To Pimp A Butterfly and I definitely think he deserves all the hype. So even though I might get some judgement walking down the street in this item (oh the never ending "cultural appropriation" struggle) I don't really care because you can stop me and we can have a lengthy discussion about K Dot that I can contribute to...